Who is the PhotoPerformer


‘While I’m performing I can not see myself, while I’m photographing I can not see myself.

(The PhotoPerformer, 2016)



pose-brazil-manu-capture-068– The PhotoPerformer is Vason most recent and on-going project. It epitomizes the conceptual manifestation of the interdependency between photography and performance by merging the two art forms into an hybrid art practice. So far the activities of The PhotoPerformer have been exhibited through live performances as well as video, sculptures, drawing, installation and text.

The PhotoPerformer is the personification of a dependency to the image.

The PhotoPerformer is an Antropologist who is documenting his own life as a case study for the others.

– The PhotoPerformer is an athlete of the poetic image.

– The PhotoPerformer is an hunter of future memories.

– The PhotoPerformer represents a form of training with the aim to re-connect what photography has separated.

– The PhotoPerformer is an equilibrist honoring the instability in life.

– The PhotoPerformer is an explorer of the photographic space.

– The PhotoPerformer is an artist which art is to unsettle our relationship with photography.

– The PhotoPerformer is a professional amateur.

– The PhotoPerformer is an alter-ego with a specific purpose: to become a medium, a sort of mediatic device of identification differentiation, a mirror for all of us.



‘Manuel Vason is a photographer converted into performer so to become an artist with a unique voice converging body and camera.’

Fermín Carreño Martínez, Director of Casa de Cultura de la UAEM, (Autonomous University of Mexico State),


‘Manuel Vason’s art practice is a clear example of the possible expansion of photography as action art, which I hope will be considered by the contemporary dance community as a benchmark for the emancipation and urgent expansion of our dance scene.’

Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez, Director of CEPRODAC, (Center of Production of Contemporary Dance Mexico City)


‘The PhotoPerformer, a human camera is forcing photography to unfold in the existential act of photography as a transcendental whole that guides us toward the uncertainty of darkness and meaning.’

Yoatzin BalbuenaArtist Collaborator