“If photography is an addiction, the act of photographing is the cure.”

(The PhotoPerformer 2016)

The PhotoPerformer embraces the poetic act of photographing as a medicine against the prescribed way of behaving.

The PhotoPerformer is imitating diversity.

The PhotoPerformer is communicating through the pose.

The PhotoPerformer is practicing photography as a phylosophy to encourage transformation.

The PhotoPerformer is celebrating movement through stillness.

– The PhotoPerformer is using photography to trace a map so to get lost.

– The PhotoPerformer is active because she/he feels a sense of urgency.

The PhotoPerformer is turning her/himself into an object, and, most particularly, an object of vision: a sight.

– The PhotoPerformer is documenting new forms of behaviour.

The PhotoPerformer is practicing a new gym of the mind. A process of expansion through imagination.

The PhotoPerformer is using photography to break any form of evidence. The only certainty is a constant sense of insecurity.

– The PhotoPerformer is convinced photography can create a bridge between personal and collective imagination.

The PhotoPerformer is transgressing photographic rules and conventions.

The PhotoPerformer is portraying the contemporary society of the self, so to cure it.

The PhotoPerformer is constantly looking for new relationships for creative exchange.

The PhotoPerformer is believing in the contraddiction as an healthy condition.

The PhotoPerformer is using photography as a licence for creative (alternative) behaviour.

The PhotoPerformer is perpetually changing and evolving.

The PhotoPerformer moves, stops and moves again in search of finding a specific moment of satisfactory stillness.

The PhotoPerformer is performing disfuctional actions that represent life.

The PhotoPerformer is constantly busy in performing her/his act of photographing.

The PhotoPerformer demostrates she/he is alive by using the tool of death.

The PhotoPerformer is exercising creative trainings to examine ideas through different lenses.

The PhotoPerformer is a living paradox: she/he is documenting a virtual life by acting a real one.

The PhotoPerformer is moved by her/his imagination.

The PhotoPerformer is an ever growing series of potential photo-actions…

‘This text doesn’t want to be read as a manifesto or an artist statement but as a text in constant development with the objective to activate its readers’

[the PhotoPerformer 2016]