In July 2014 I performed ‘Metaphor’ a durational performance during the 9th edition of Verbo, an international Festival of Performance Art in Sao Paulo (Brazil). With a photographic camera taped on my face I performed a deep breathing exercise until reaching complete exhaustion. While I was breathing the members of the audience were triggering (through a remote control) the camera on my face and witnessing the photo created projected onto a large wall behind me. My vision was blocked by the camera and I could only imagined the images I was producing. During the performance, my task was to heat the temperature body through the deep breathing so to produce a large amount of sweat. The drops of sweat would then melt an image (of myself with the camera) printed on soluble paper placed on a small platform where I was standing.


Out of my control, the action of breathing and the action of photographing ended up synchronizing. For the entire forty-five minutes focus and repetition become my mantra. For forty-five minutes the audience was exposed to a process of destruction: each new image projected was deleting the former, the image under my feet was melting and my body was showing exhaustion.

During the Performance, the act of photography transformed my body into an automated object, a breathing object possessed by the program of the apparatus.