Who is the PhotoPerformer


“While I’m performing I can not see myself, while I’m photographing I can not see myself.”

(The PhotoPerformer 2016)



The PhotoPerformer is the personification of a dependency to the image.

The PhotoPerformer is an Antropologist who is documenting his own life as a case study for the others.

– The PhotoPerformer is an athlete of the poetic image.

– The PhotoPerformer is an hunter of future memories.

The PhotoPerformer is an artistan of the symbolic image.

– The PhotoPerformer is a soldier fighting the distance that photography is creating.

– The PhotoPerformer is an equilibrist honoring the instability in life.

The PhotoPerformer is a protagonist of his/her own mythology.

– The PhotoPerformer is an explorer of the photographic space.

– The PhotoPerformer is an artist which art is to unsettle our relationship with photography.

– The PhotoPerformer is a sculpture of her/his own conscience.

– The PhotoPerformer is a trainer of her/his own actions.

– The PhotoPerformer is a professional amateur.

– The PhotoPerformer is an alter-ego with a specific purpose: to become a medium, a sort of mediatic device of identification, a mirror for all of us.

The PhotoPerformer is an ever growing series of responsibilities…